Reaching The Unchurched – Growing Your Church By Converting Non-Christians


I recently came across an article, “4 myths about reaching the unchurched—and 4 ways to draw them in“, by James Emery White on Christianity Today that talked about reaching the unchurched. It was a great article that I thought you would enjoy and from which you could gain some insights, as I did.  I encourage you to take a few minutes to read the article.

The article is based on the experience of Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have grown from being a single family to nearly 5,000 weekly attending members in just 8 years with most of their new members being previously unchurched.

The goal of church marketing is to reach the world for Christ and grow His church. If we do a great job marketing the church and bring in a lot of visitors, but then fail to reach those visitors with Gospel, what good is it? This article addresses what the author, White, believes to be some common myths about church growth and reaching the unchurched as well as some great ideas for both reaching non-Christians and bringing them into the church.

Christianity Today Article: “4 myths about reaching the unchurched—and 4 ways to draw them in


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  • AMERICAN GOTHIC CHURCH: Changing the Way People See the Church, a new book by Jeffery Warren Scott suggests that the unchurched are not likely to be reached unless believers change the mental image of Christians embedded in the minds of the unchurched. Churches which are encouraging, joyful, and compassionate are more likely to reach and retain the unchurched.

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