Is your Church Social? Part 6: “Bad Church Videos”


Don't post bad church videosIn light of the Holiday week, I thought go with a light theme today.  We’ve been discussing posting videos your church creates on video sharing websites like YouTube and GodTube as a way to make more people aware of your church, give people an idea of what they can experience at your church, and reach people with the Gospel.  However, just because you have a video, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to share that particular video.  If you are going to post a video that represents your church to the world, you probably want that video to be a good video…Though a bad video can be fun to watch. 

Here are some videos you may NOT want to emmulate:

Church Breakdancing:

Christmas Rap Promotion:

Bad Quality Solo:

Church Hippo Dance:

Jesus Is My Friend: (for some reason I just couldn’t stop watching)

If you have any other examples of bad church videos, please share.

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  • Thanks for sharing the videos. I saw a really bad church video the other day. It was on a website called Real Live Preacher and you can find it on the right side bar of the site in a category called Most Read. Look for a heading called "Worst Sermon Ever" and check it out. It left me speechless.

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