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Decision TreeWe’ve been discussing social media a lot here on the Church Marketing Online site as we’ve been going through the “Is Your Church Social” blog series.  I’ve written a lot about the benefits of churches using the various social media, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.  While I take the approach in most articles of how a church can use the media to market itself and why it can be beneficial, I also realize that most churches can’t use all the social media either because of time or expense and that not every social media outlet is a good choice either for your church marketing strategy or even your church.  It’s not that any of the specific social media outlets are inherently ineffective, but rather that each church has its own strengths and foci and those may not match up with some of the social media.

A few days ago Christ Brogan, a social media blogger, wrote an article entitled:

Social Media Decision Tree

In that article he touches on some of the social media options and discusses some of the factors that go into deciding whether a particular social media option is the right choice.

Chris Brogan’s blog is more broadly focused than the Church Marketing Online blog so the discussion is not specific to churches.  So, I would love to hear what some of the factors are that are effecting your church’s choices of what social media to use, if any and discuss that right here on the Church Marketing Online blog.

Post a comment and let us know.

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