Do You Have A Fear Of Church Marketing?


I came across an article from based on a poll that asked the question, “What is your number one church marketing fear?”  The idea behind the poll is that many churches do not market themselves (or do very little marketing) because the church is afraid.  Maybe it’s a fear that the marketing will not be any good, maybe it’s a fear that the church will become dependant on marketing instead of spiritual growth.  Are you being controled by fear?

You can read the article here:

Are you or is your church afraid to market itself?  If so what specifically is that you’re afraid of?  Some fears may be valid in the sense that what you fear is something to be aware of and avoid.  For example, you may fear that your church will become obsessed with the marketing and loose focus on Christ.  Certainly, that is not something you want, but does that mean that you avoid church marketing?  If I drive my car to the store, I could get into an accident.  I could let that fear prevent me from driving my car, or I could let that fear motivate me to be as safe a driver as I can.  I tend to see things from the second approach.  I’d rather get the benefits of driving a car while making sure I avoid getting into an accident.

There was a post I found particularly interesting that i found in the comments of the churchmarketingsucks article:

I attended seminary and majored in homiletics (public speaking) to prepare myself to be a pastor. Did I bypass God? Does anyone worry that I’ll be tacky and gimmicky because I did? If it’s okay to use speaking training, isn’t it also okay to use marketing training? Why must Christians bypass known skills and experience to truly lead others to God?

Sometimes Christians fear that using learned skills will somehow lessen the work of God.  I would argue that God gave us the ability to learn and that we shouldn’t be afraid to learn useful skills and use them in our service of Him.

If you’ve been trying to get your church to start being more intentional about marketing, but seem to run into road block after road block, it may very well be that some of the people in your church fear something about church marketing.  Knowing what that fear is may help you to be able to address it.

What do you think?  Is there fear in your church of church marketing?  What fears do the people in your church have?  Do you think these fears are legitimate and should they prevent a church from marketing itself?

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  • it semms that the issue is: where do you draw the line?

    between what world offers as marketing and what the bible explicitly teaches or implies

    is there room for compromise?

  • Hi Tim,

    That's an interesting question. The premise of the question implies that what the Bible explicitly teaches or implies is in part or in whole contrary to marketing. I would definately stand behind the statement that we should not comprimise between the world and Bible. We should be in the world, but not of the world. So, then the question becomes whether marketing the scriptures oppose each other.

    We can certainly find marketing methods which are unethical or even immoral. I would agree that these are in contradiction to the Bible and should not be used, but are all marketing methods contrary to the Bible? I don't think so. After all, is it wrong for a church to have a website? Is it wrong to optimize that website so people can find your church in the search engines? Is it wrong to take out an add in the Yellow pages or a local newspaper? Is it wrong for a church to have a sign out on the road? These are all forms of marketing.


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