I.E. Day Article – Internet Evangelism Round-up – April 4-10

Internet Evangelism Day


April 26th is Internet Evangelism Day.  So, leading up to Internet Evangelism Day I thought I would write some posts about Internet evangelism and point you to some other blog posts in other blogs that are related to Internet Evangelism Day as a way to help us all to consider how we can use the Internet, not only for church marketing, but evangelism as well.

A couple days ago in the Christian Web Trends blog, Paul Steinbrueck put together a help list of resources related to Internet Evangelism Day.  The list includes website/articles about how to share Christ with others online as well as articles about what other groups and churches are doing for Internet Evangelism and what kind of impact they are having.

There is some interesting information.  I’d encourage you to check it out:

Internet Evangelism Round-up – April 4-10

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