Internet Evangelism Day 2009

Internet Evangelism Day


In the Church Marketing Online blog, we primarily focus on ways of using online marketing to promote your church; however, we don’t really spend much time discussing how to use the Internet for evangelism.  April 26th is Internet Evangelism Day.  So, during the next couple of weeks I thought I’d take a little time to talk about online evangelism and link to some other articles about Internet evangelism.

What is Internet Evangelism Day?
I think the best way to describe Internet Evangelism Day is using the words of the people behind the movement:

Internet Evangelism Day – as the name suggests – is also an annual web-awareness focus day. Churches and other Christian groups can build a short focus spot into their meetings on 26 April, to explain to their members more about the potential for online evangelism, and how anyone can be involved in this rewarding ministry. A customized presentation (anything from 5 minutes to 50) can be easily created using free downloads from IE Day’s website: video clips, Powerpoint, handouts, music and drama.”

The Internet can be a great place to promote your church and get more people to walk through your church’s door, however, your church can do additional things online for those people who, for whatever reason, may never walk through the doors of your church.  Internet Evangelism Day, and all the information surrounding the day, are a great way for your church to get started in online evangelism in addition to the online church marketing you may already be doing.

For more information about what Internet Evangelism Day is and how you and your church can get involved, please visit the official Internet Evangelism Day website at:

Are there any ways you or your church use the Internet for evangelism?  Will you or your church be participating in any Internet Evangelism activities?

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