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A change is coming for the CMO
The Church Marketing Online blog is a ministry of OurChurch.Com.  OurChurch.Com is a wonderful place to work for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons, however, is that we do not just think of ourselves as a company, but also a ministry.  This is reflected in our goals, services, and how we do business.

A little over a year ago Paul Steinbrueck (CEO of OurChurch.Com) and I decided to create the Church Marketing Online blog as a free ministry resource.  We wanted to inform churches on ways to market themselves online and equip them with the knowledge to do it.  We’ve covered a lot of topics during our tenure and, hopefully, have made an impact in how people view church marketing and what they are doing to market their church and reach people online for Christ.

In addition to the Church Marketing Online blog, we also developed a church marketing service designed to help churches market themselves online.  We know that you have a lot of other things to do and some of these church marketing strategies can be a bit confusing.  We’d love to help you with your church marketing.  Please visit the Top Church Search Rankings web page and contact us about how we can help you and your church.

OurChurch.Com LogoChurch Marketing Articles Moving:
With the completion of the “Is Your Church Social” article series, we have decided to post future articles related to church marketing to OurChurch.Com’s other blog, “Christian Web Trends”.  I will still be posting articles about church marketing, but we will be consolidating the articles with the other Christian web trend articles.  If you have been receiving the Church Marketing Online RSS feed, I encourage you to sign up for the Christian Web Trends RSS feed.

The Future of CMO:
Church Marketing Online will remain…online, as we believe it can still be a great resource for churches looking for information about church marketing.  However, we will no longer be updating the site with new articles.

Thank you.
I would like to thank all you who have been following the Church Marketing Online blog over the past year and pray that the Lord will bless you in your ministries.

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