CMO University Update: Is Marketing Evil?

Church Marketing Is Evil?

It’s been a debate in the church for as long as marketing was a concept.  Should the church engage in marketing?  Why would a church even need to market itself?  Isn’t marketing inherently evil?

This is one of the first articles in the Church Marketing Online University series because if you think marketing is useless, not for the church, or just plain wrong, then you certainly are not going to pay attention to the rest of the information in the series.  Check out the updated article, “Is Marketing Evil

What do you think?  Is marketing evil?

Is marketing something the church should be engaged in?

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Kurt Steinbrueck


  • No offence but most of the things around you is marketed so why not religion. For a society which is full of people concerned on what they could get for minimum effort this seems to make perfect sense. In my opinion there is nothing wrong about such advertisements.
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