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This is a game changer.  Google can be a great source of traffic for your church’s website, especially traffic from people with whom you and your church members would not otherwise come in contact.  Google has now revised their search results once again in a significant way.  As discussed in this post on Christian Web Trends blog, “Google Shakes Up Search Results with Social Media“, Google is now including social results, pages your friends share and the people you follow tweet about, directly in your search results.  This can be a huge benefit for your church.

So, How Does This Effect My Church?
With Google including social listings in their search results, this gives your church a way to get into the top search results for topics you may otherwise not be able to.  By creating content about the topics for which you want to reach people and then sharing that content in Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks, you can show up in the search results for those topics.

For example, let’s say your church has a ministry outreach to alcoholics.   You create some pages about that ministry as well as writing some articles about dealing with alcoholism and then share that content through your church’s social accounts.  You also encourage your members to share those pages in their social accounts.  Now when people search for information about alcoholism, if they are in some way connected to someone who shared your church’s pages, then your church’s pages may show up in their top search results in Google.  They find your church’s pages about the ministry and contact your church.

By effectively connecting to your members on social networks and creating and sharing good content about the ministries of your church, you can reach a wide audience and increase the effectiveness of your church’s ministries.

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Tell us how your church is using social networking?

If your church isn’t using social networking, does this news make you more likely to start?

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