Do Churches Need Their Own Facebook?

Churchbook?Do churches need their own social network?  Church Marketing Sucks asked their readers and found out what church members think about that question.

I think it’s less a question of whether it would be cool to have a church social network option as much as it is whether people would actually use it.  Most people would prefer to have all their social networking in one or two places.  I don’t think people would go for yet another social network to keep up with.  Better to go to people where they are now.

Additionally, don’t we want our members to be in the world, connecting with people, and sharing the Gospel with those who have not heard?

Find out what the folks at Church Marketing Sucks found out:

What do you think?

Do you agree with this poll?

Would churches be better off with their own social network or just sticking with Facebook and Twitter?

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