Some Thoughts on Search Engine Optimization

Thought on SEOSearch engine optimization is something that should simply be a part of any and every website design.  After all, aren’t you building the website so people will find it and use it?  Good SEO can be the difference between a website succeeding in it’s mission or failing.

Here are a few final thoughts on SEO…

Make It Natural:
One of the most difficult aspects of on-page optimization is balancing the optimization and the experience of the visitors. You should always design for your visitors. The search engines should always be second. After all, does it matter if you get thousands of visitors if they all leave after 3 seconds because they can’t stand being on your site. So, it’s a balance. Choose keywords wisely so they naturally fit into the topic of the page and then work them into the text in way that is natural to the visitor.

Don’t Leave Your Net in the Boat!
Whether you do it yourself or hire an expert SEO, Optimize Your Website; not just your homepage, all your web pages. Each page is like a fishing net. Not optimizing a page is like leaving that net in your boat instead of using it to catch fish (or visitors). This is something to consider even before you create your website when you are choosing your web host. Many hosts include web builders that either make it very difficult to fully optimize a website or completely impossible. I’ll take this moment to blatantly promote OurChurch.Com here. When designing the NE1™ web builder, OurChurch.Com intentionally considered search engine optimization and made sure any page can be fully optimized and that it can be done easily within the web builder.

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Have you optimized your church’s website?

Tell us what affect optimizing your site has made for your website and your church.

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