Top Ten Ways to Connect to Your Community

Reach Your CommunityI came across an article from Chip Wheeler, “Top Ten Ways to Connect to Your Community“, that I thought had some great concepts.  Chip’s focus is on church planting and most of his 10 ways are primarily off-line in how he talks about them, but many of these ideas can be applied online as well.  Here are some ideas…

For example, in Number 2 “Take advantage of “plain-view” opportunities”, Chip talks about taking a look at the people already in your church as points of connections.  This can be applied online as well.  Are there people in your church who already have an online audience or a community-related website who you can connect with and utilize?

Another example is Number 4, “Be a Servant.” One of the best ways to build online connections and community is by helping others.  This can mean providing links, promoting someone’s event by mentioning it on the church website, providing content other sites can use, etc.  Look around at the needs of the online community and look for ways you can serve.

Take a look at Chip’s article through the lens of the online world and see what ideas you can come up with.

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What do you think about Chip’s article?

What are some other ideas you’ve had for how we can apply Chip’s ideas to the online world?

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