4 Creative Ideas for Online Events

hosting online eventsHosting online events is a powerful way to connect people who may never be able to meet face to face. It’s an excellent method to distribute information in a seamless process, and you may include a larger number of people than any venue in the world could hold.

Here are 4 types of online events I’ve personally led or participated in that you could try, too!

1. Small Group Meetings

I’ve had the joy of leading small group discussions that combine people from a variety of countries in a chat room with translation capability many times. It’s a true joy watching group members pray, provide accountability and share resources via the Internet to encourage each other in Christ. You may either watch a video available at a link shared in the chat room for discussion, or have the group facilitator post questions for everyone to discuss.
TIP: Try http://babelwith.me.

2. Training

Currently I’m combining pre-recorded video content with screencasts to provide training for a software platform. We’ll stream the episodes with an open chat room for attendees to ask me questions about the content and receive answers in real time.
TIP: Use 8BIT’s Live Theme

3. Special Events (for specific groups of people)

It blessed me as a LifeChurch.tv Church Online volunteer to participate in a special annual experience that included the many people who volunteer worldwide participating at one time in worship, hearing a vision-casting message, and participating in chat with my fellow teammates.
TIP: Stream the experience live and give out prizes to attendees!

4. Church (with simultaneous local attendance and online attendance)

While living in London, our family rented a popular cinema to host a local evangelistic event (which we invited many people to by handing out invitations on the street).  We streamed live content of what was happening in the cinema online in real time. This unique approach increased our overall attendance, provided people the opportunity to participate based upon their comfort levels at the time, and united people around a powerful Gospel message they might otherwise have missed.
HINT: Use a live-tweet setup on the cinema screen to unite those attending locally and online. If you have pockets of people in the same city attending your event online, have them meet together at someone’s home or in a café to participate in the event together, as a group.

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How could you use one of these methods in your company or church?

For more creative ideas on combining online and offline ministry efforts, download Dana’s free ebook “The Art of Online Ministry” at DanaByers.com.

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  • Yes, I agree it is a wonderful tool. I've hosted online events for training classes, meetings and bible studies and prayer. I also find it to be a great way to connect in a virtual classroom with people from around the country and world. Technology is a tool that we can use for God's Glory~ Thanks for the post.

  • I am beginning low maintenance gathering and occasion arranging business and I require some smart thoughts. I live in a beach front zone, am starting a new business with my closest companion who is additionally female, and I will have some expertise in little, suggest issues (in spite of the fact that I detest that name), kids' gatherings, and things like that. I need to stray from weddings and gatherings. Any thoughts?

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