The Ever Changing Landscape Of Church SEO

Author: Kurt Steinbrueck  //  Category: church marketing ideas, CMO University, Original, SEO, website analytics

The Ever Changing Landscape of SEOThe search engines are constantly changing. New sites area being created and shut down every day. More sites are realizing the value of search engine optimization. New strategies for SEO and link building are developed. Even the search engines themselves change as they try to refine their algorithms to produce the most relevant search results.  So, what do you do?

You Need To Keep Up
All this means that your search engine rankings are going to change, keyword popularity will change, and links will come and go. Thus for a website you want to become and stay successful, the SEO work is never really done. Running reports, tracking keywords, and watching how visitors interact with your website is essential for devising an effective strategy for search engine marketing.

More than Just Information
You can then take the information you gather from tracking these metrics and create good strategies to continue to build upon the success of your website.  This isn’t just nice information to have.  The information you get from tracking rankings, links, website traffic, and conversions are warning bells when something starts to go wrong.  They are clues to opportunities where you can grow.  They are the light that prevents you from making decisions about your church’s marketing in the dark.

It is vital to the success of your church’s website, and to that extent the success of your church ministry to setup proper tracking for your website, your church marketing, and your conversions.

What do you think?

Do you think it’s important to track rankings, links, site traffic and conversions?

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68 Responses to “The Ever Changing Landscape Of Church SEO”

  1. ChristoCoop Says:

    I agree, I have this new website called GodPleaseHearMe, and I spent all weekend SEO-ing it. You really have to sty on top of your game.

  2. Orange County Limo Says:

    SEO isn’t dead but certainly has gone more innovative these days. The only thing which I feel one must do is to stick to the basics of SEO which looks really simple as mentioned above…

  3. edward Says:

    The face of SEO and link building is an ever-changing scenario. Your article helped me get my priorities straight in link building. Read my article on market research methods and tools. Your post would be of great aid to newbie link builders like me.

  4. russian translator Says:

    Driving traffic to a website is not very easy, it's actually one of the hard part when you have your website. But if you know how to do search engine optimization and your website has content that is useful and interesting, then visitors will come. Thanks.

  5. Hatta desert safari Says:

    I totally agreed with you in this because techniques are changing day by day and people are getting worry also. Search Engine should not think only about their self but also think about the people who are dealing in this business.

  6. click here now Says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this, Kurt. I have learned so much about Church SEO from this. The only thing that's constant in this world is change, as the old adage said, and the best thing we can do is to keep up with it and adapt.

  7. Uch - check it Says:

    I really think that SEO has evolved considerably over the past 2 years, more so than in the previous 10 years, so it's very important that newcomers and those that have been in the game for some time, are aware of this evolution.

  8. Adolfo Says:

    i have always believed that marketing is a change process and you should be ready for change SEO is the same as google does many algo update in a given year so heads up for the change.

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