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The BEST Church Video Ever! It’s Soooo Great! No Really.
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Video: Romantically Challenged

Funny Church Video: The Church Invite

It’s one of our biggest fears.  An angry mob with pitch forks?  Nah, I can handle that.   Go under the knife to remove a kidney?  No problem.  Jump out of a plane with only a thin piece of fabric and some rope to keep me from falling to my death?  Bring it on.  Invite my new neighbor to church?  What are you insane?  That’s just crazy.

For some reason inviting a friend or neighbor to church can be a nerve racking thing to do.  Why?  Well because something like this could happen…

Thanks to the folks at for this church video.

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Church Video: Creative Church Announcement Video

Here’s another interesting church video from Imago Dei Community which a friend of mine posted on Facebook.  It’s certainly a creative way of doing the church announcements.  I’m guessing this bit of creativity caused some people to pay attention to the church announcements for the first time in a long time.

Check it out!

Has your church made any creative church videos?  Share them in the comments.

The BEST Church Video Ever! It’s Soooo Great! No Really.

It’s Friday.  So, it’s time for another amusing church video.  This one’s called “Sarcastics Anonymous.”  I’m tempted to make this entire post full of sarcasm, but it just seems to easy.

If you have any funny church videos that your church has made or that you have found online, post a comment and let us know. Sarcasm in the post is optional.

Video: Romantically Challenged

Videos can be great church marketing.  People like to watch videos and with social media videos can spread like wild fire.  With that in mind, I thought I’d post a fun church video for Friday afternoon.

Are you Romantically Challenged?

Video by The Skit Guys

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