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Funny Church Video: Tithing Doughnuts
Funny Church Videos: The Little Kitten
Funny Video: Deer Loose in Church
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Funny Church Video: Tithing Doughnuts



Here’s a great video from BluefishTV with a fun way of talking about tithing.

If you have a church video, let us know in the comments below and we’ll share it.

Have a great weekend!!

Funny Church Videos: The Little Kitten

Funny Church Videos: Story of a KittenI like to post videos on Fridays both as a fun way to end the week, to promote videos created by churches, and to emphasize the way videos can be a great church marketing strategy.  Most of the videos I’ve posted have been scripted style videos, like skits, which have been made by Churches or Christian groups to convey a specific message.  However, church videos don’t have to fit that format.

Earlier this month I posted a video of a deer that was made from the security camera footage of a church.  Back in May I posted a video a family made about the life-saving miracle God performed on their new born child.  This week our video is simply a clip either from church service or presentation at a conference.  The point is that church videos don’t have to be scripted stories or take hours of production time.  Many churches feel that they don’t have the equipment or know how to create a good church video, but these videos illustrate that you don’t have to have a film studio, professional cameras, or even great script writers.

On to this week’s video of a funny story about a little kitten.  I found it while reading a post from David Tonen’s blog, navigateyourmarketing.com.


Photo by aquababe

You, too, can make a church video.  If (when 😉 ) you do, please let us know here so we can share your churches video.

God bless.

Funny Video: Deer Loose in Church

Check out this footage of a deer running wild through a church in North Carolina:

I believe the church needs to reach out to everyone, though maybe we should stop short of our fine forested friends.

This is actually a great example.  Colonial Baptist Church had a strange and amusing situation for which the happened to have video.  This wasn’t planned.  It just happened, but someone saw the opportunity to take a fun story and turn it into a viral video.  This video was only posted about a two weeks ago and already has nearly 1500 FB likes on GodTube and nearly 100,000 views on YouTube.  The video has been posted on Break.com, OutdoorLife.com and even Bing’s videos.  The video has been written about on thousands of websites, including the Huffington Post and several news sites.  What great exposure!!  It would have been good to include the church’s name at the end of the video, but all in all a great job by the folks at Colonial Baptist.


Funny Church Video: How To Worship

It’s been a while since I posted a funny church video.  Unfortunately, I’ve found it’s pretty hard to find church videos that original, funny, and decently done.  Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places.  Either way, the dry spell is over.

Check out these helpful instructions on how to worship for beginners:

If you have any funny or inspirational church videos or happen to know a good source of church videos, please post in the comment below.

Funny Church Video: Real Life Worship Get’s Ready

It’s It’s Friday!  So, let’s have another amusing church video.  Today’s video comes from the Real Life worship team at Lakewood Baptist Church.  Take sneak peak behind the scenes at how their worship team get’s ready for each service.

Check it out:

Do you have a video?  Share it with us below.

Funny Church Video: The Church Invite

It’s one of our biggest fears.  An angry mob with pitch forks?  Nah, I can handle that.   Go under the knife to remove a kidney?  No problem.  Jump out of a plane with only a thin piece of fabric and some rope to keep me from falling to my death?  Bring it on.  Invite my new neighbor to church?  What are you insane?  That’s just crazy.

For some reason inviting a friend or neighbor to church can be a nerve racking thing to do.  Why?  Well because something like this could happen…

Thanks to the folks at http://www.beamerfilms.com/sermonvideos/sermon-videos-illustrations/church-invite for this church video.

Do you have any videos?

Share them with us.

Church Video: Creative Church Announcement Video

Here’s another interesting church video from Imago Dei Community which a friend of mine posted on Facebook.  It’s certainly a creative way of doing the church announcements.  I’m guessing this bit of creativity caused some people to pay attention to the church announcements for the first time in a long time.

Check it out!

Has your church made any creative church videos?  Share them in the comments.

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