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Church Marketing SEOThe Problem: Finding a Good Online Church Marketing Plan:

People can’t find your church’s website. When you built your church website did you imagine the Google, Yahoo and the rest would automatically know about your site and list your website for the keywords you wanted? Maybe you thought the search engines would at least know where your church was and list you for churches in your town. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. The search engines, like their human programmers, aren’t mind readers. They need to be told where your church is located, what type of church it is, and even that your church has a website! In other words, you need to be marketing your church website. The Top Church Search Rankings service takes care of all that for you with an online church marketing strategy that gets results.

The Solution: OurChurch.Com’s Online Church Marketing Strategy

More and more people find a church by using the search engines. OurChurch.Com’s Top Church Search Rankings service provides the quickest and easiest way for your church to rank well in local search results as well as regular search results for local keywords. So, when people come to your town, they can find your church. We look at it as a form of local evangelism. As a pioneer in the field of local SEO for churches (We couldn’t even find anyone else offering it) we have developed a service which gets church websites listed in Local search results, internet yellow pages, and internet review sites, giving people many ways to find your churches website. It’s a multi-targeted online church marketing plan to reach as many people as possible. So, when someone searches for churches in your town, your churches website can show up at the top of the list. With so many people using the search engines to find a church, don’t let their search come up empty. Help them find a church…your church.

Experience and results:
OurChurch.Com has been providing the Top Church Search Rankings service for several churches for over a year and has been providing online marketing to churches, ministries and businesses for over 5 years, having served hundreds of clients:

“We have several new visitors each week…many of them from the search engines.
– Chuck Deitch, Cypress Meadows Community Church

We guarantee at least 100 top ten rankings!

What’s Included?

  • We guarantee at least 100 top 10 rankings for as long as you have the Guaranteed Top Church Search Rankings service.
  • Local SEO for the city your church is located in
  • Local SEO for 2 additional cities located next to the city your church is in
  • SEO for your churches denomination (if applicable)
  • SEO for up to 3 descriptive keywords (ie: contemporary, traditional, family, etc.)Church Marketing Online Business Team
  • We will create listings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN’s local search listings.
  • We will create listings in up to 7 additional internet yellow pages.
  • We will create reviews in up to 5 internet review websites.
  • We will submit your church website to up to 6 church directories.
  • We will create a web page with links to your website’s reviews and listings so church members can quickly and easily create additional reviews improving your websites local rankings.
  • We will provide monthly search ranking reports for both the regular and local search results of the major search engines.
  • We will provide a monthly review of the SEO of the website to make sure edits to your site have not lost any of the optimization of the site.
  • We will update the SEO practices on your church’s site for any changes in local SEO trends.
  • We guarantee at least 100 top 10 search rankings!!

You can learn more about the guarantee here.

(Please note that this service was tested with churches in the United States. While the service may be just as effective with churches in other countries, we cannot guarantee the results as the search engines, review sites, and internet yellow page sites do not all support locations outside of the US.)

Don’t Wait to Start Marketing Your Church Online!

Don’t miss out on any more visitors. Improve search engine rankings, increase web site traffic, and bring more people into your church. This of it as part of your local outreach ministries With billions of searches being performed every month in the major search engine, you can’t afford to have low rankings. Get the high rankings you want and keep them with the Top Church Search Rankings service. Order today!


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