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I recently came a cross an article on about a video production company that produces short online videos quickly and inexpensively.  The company, TurnHere, is now producing online videos at the rate of about 1000 videos a month for an average of only $1000 per video.  The article focuses on the possibilities for businesses to use TurnHere’s services to market themselves both on video sharing sites like YouTube and on local search sites such as the online Yellow Pages and CitySearch, but churches can use these services as well.

A couple months ago we had several articles about marketing your church using video, especially on YouTube.  The folks at TurnHere appropriately also pointed out that you can add video to your Yellow Page and CitySearch listings to make those listings even more effective.


In our articles about using video for church marketing, we emphasized that churches should create videos of testimonials and church member stories, videos that show the personal side of your church.  Brad Inman, owner and founder of TurnHere, echos that sentiment saying,

“We want real people telling real stories, authentic and full of information. The Web demands believability.”

While the company, TurnHere, is the focus of the CNN article, there are several other companies that offer similar services.  Some other companies to look into are Denver Multimedia, SpotMixer, Spotzer, EZshow and Mixpo.

I’d encourage you to check out the article on and check out TurnHere.  With a $1000 price tag, a professional video is now well within the reach of many churches.  These videos can be effective in your online marketing as well as enhancing your church’s website experience.

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