Is Your Church Social – Part 15 – Twitter – Why Churches Should Use Twitter


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I recently came across the eBook (online book) The Reason Your Church Must Twitter written by Anthony D. Coppedge, a church consultant and writer.  I found the eBook to be a great resource on Twitter with tons of great information about how your church can utilize Twitter as a way to communicate with staff and members as well as foster deeper connections among your members.  The book covers everything from the basics of how to use Twitter to various strategies churches can employ with Twitter.


“I am confident – no matter what type of church you are leading, no matter what type of community you are ministering to, no matter how much you do or don’t like technology – this E-Book will lead to a conversation that needs to be had.”

                                         Terry Storch –

You can purchase The Reason Your Church Must Twitter at  It costs $5 and is well worth it if your church interested in improving communication between your church and your members and using technology to further the mission of the church.

I highly recommend picking up a copy.

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