Interactive Church Conference: Controlling the Uncontrollable – Managing User Created Content


Interactive Church Conference

Over the past two weeks Paul and I have posted several articles related to the Interactive Church Conference, articles about church communication and interactive church websites.  One of the big stumbling blocks a lot of churches run into when deciding whether to have an interactive website is the fear of user created content or member created content…the loss of control of the website content.

  • What if someone posts theology that is not what the church teaches?
  • What if someone posts something negative about the church?
  • What if people spam the site?
  • What if people post inappropriate content?
  • What if someone just attacks our church website outright with vulgar content?

These fears are addressed in today’s article, “Controlling the Uncontrollable – Managing User Created Content”.  Are you concerned about user content?  Check out the article and I think you’ll feel a little better about the situation.

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