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Interactive Church Conference

This past weekend my brother Paul and I attended the Interactive Church conference led by the Bob Christenson and Matt Farina of Geeks and God. The focus of the conference, as the name implies, was why and how to have an interactive church website, a church website that utilizes social web features such as blogs, podcasts, forums, and Twitter to promote community within the church, help market the church, and spread the love of Jesus Christ.

There were a lot of interesting topics discussed at the conference. So, Paul and I thought we would blog a bit over the next couple of weeks about some of the topics covered during the conference. Because the topics of the conference were more about website design and features, and church communication rather than church marketing, we felt that it would be more appropriate to blog about the conference in the Christian Web Trends blog at OurChurch.Com.

As I thought there was a lot of interesting information, I thought you all might find some of this interesting as well. So, I’ll be posting little messages referencing the blog articles on the Christian Web Trends blog each day as well as posting the regular blog articles here on the Church Marketing Online blog. I encourage you to check out the articles on the Christian Web Trends blog or, better yet, signup for the RSS feed.

One of the first topics we discussed at the conference was communication in the church, specifically communication between church leaders and “geeks” (the techy folks in the church who build or run the website, opperate the sound and video system, etc.).  Often times projects and even relationships in the church are negatively effected by communication breakdowns between leaders and techs.

Check out the following article:

Leader vs Geek – Church Communication Breakdowns

for more about communication issues between leaders and techs.

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