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One of the biggest questions churches have when considering having a blog is what they should blog about.  It’s not only a common question, but a very important question as it will give your church blog focus.  So, what should you blog about?  Well, that will really be up to you.  What do you want to blog about?  It’s always best to blog about something you are interested in as it will make the posts more interesting and you are more likely to keep it going and be consistant.  If you’re having trouble coming up with a blog idea, here are 10 ideas for church blog topics:

  1. Sermon Blog – A sermon blog can be done in several different ways.  This may simply be blogging on Sunday afternoon about the topic of the sermon and expanding on some of the main points.  It could also be done as a daily blog post where the pastor gets deeper into the various points of the sermon through out the week.
  2. Daily Devotion – A great way to engage church members throughout the week and help church members to be in the Word everyday.  The blog could be done by the pastor, but doesn’t have to be.  Perhaps one of the Deacons or Elders could write this blog.  The devotions could be based on a daily scripture or on different topics.
  3. Spiritual Issues – Often times church members have questions about spiritual issues that aren’t addressed in the weekly sermons.  A blog about various spiritual issues can be a way to address those questions.  This can also be a great outreach to non-members as you can deal with the struggles non-Christians face, help to answer their questions, and lead them to Christ.
  4. Christian or Denominational Theology – If you are a denominational church you have certain doctrinal and theological beliefs.  If you are like most churches, your members don’t actually know much about those doctrinal and theological beliefs.  A blog can be a great way to teach members and non-members what your church believes and why.
  5. Evangelism – Evangelism is something that most Christians feel uncomfortable with.  Much of the discomfort is from a lack of training and ideas.  A blog can help you to convey ideas for how to evangelize or answer questions related to evangelism.  It can also help encourage members to go out there and do it, which is helpful since another big reason people feel uncomfortable with evangelism is lack of experience.
  6. Church Events – The trap with this type of blog is to just become another newsletter.  This blog can (and should) be so much more.  Don’t just announce events, blog about them after the fact.  Have pictures and stories from the events.  These can be great blogs for interaction as many of the church members will have experienced the events and have their own stories and comments.
  7. Church Ministries – Not just all church ministries in general, but rather specific church ministries.  Start a youth ministry blog or a senior ministry blog.  The Sunday school could have a blog or even the church counsel.  We have a homeless feeding ministry at our church.  They could blog about what happens each week.
  8. Community Happenings – Your church is part of the community, so why not blog like it.  This can be helpful in getting your church members more involved with the community which can help with evangelism and church marketing.  Your church blog may also become a place where members of your community who are not members of your church can learn about upcoming events and read about past events, which can also help with church marketing.
  9. Questions For The Pastor – Why not let the members (or website visitors) determine the what each blog will be about.  Chances are the members of your church (and non-members) have a lot of questions that they never get around to asking the pastor.
  10. The Bible And Our Culture – The church is notorious for complaining about the degradation of our society.  Here’s you chance to do something about.  Inform people about what is happening in our culture and what the Bible has to say about it.  Equip people with the information and tools to fight bad trends and support the good trends.

These are just a few ideas of what your church could do with a blog.  Remember, there is no rule that says your church can only have one blog.  So, you could do all ten of these blog ideas and more.

Does your church have a blog?  What kind of topics do you blog about?

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  • Joel,

    I think you're right. A lot of churches don't put much effort into their websites. I find it interesting that some churches will spend hundreds of dollars on a new stained-glass window, but won't spend $50 on a website when the website may be the first impression many people have of their church.

    There are many churches, though, that do have good websites and keep them up to date. A blog can be a great addition to those websites. And, even for those churches with poor websites, it's never too late to update your church website and make it look better and give better information.

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