5 Tips For Handing Out Virtual Yard Signs

Signs piled upAlright, you’ve made your virtual “yard signs”.  So, how do you go about getting people to use them so they don’t end up in your virtual “storage closet”.  Here are 5 tips for handing out virtual yard signs:

1. Ask People. It’s the easiest and most obvious tip, but is often overlooked.  Simply ask people to put the church’s virtual “yard sign” on their website.  It’s not enough to just have a page on the church website, you need to actually ask people.  You can start by talking about it at the end of a church service.  Don’t just let the congregation know, specifically ask them to do it.  I would also go a step further.  If there are people in the church who you know have a website they control, speak to them personally and ask, and if possible, try to get a commitment from them, not just an “I’ll look into it” response.

2. Do as much of the work for people as you can. I already talked about making the graphics in my previous article. That’s a good start, but you can go further.  Make a page on your church website that has information and the code for yard signs so people can just copy/paste the yard sign into their website.  If you run into people who aren’t sure about how to do it and you have a web savy person in your church, see if they would allow that web savy person to add the yard sign for them.  The less your members have to do, the more likely you are to get the virtual yard signs up.

3. Get people to do it as soon as possible. Encourage the people to add the church’s yard signs to their site’s that day.  I would even make computers at the church available to people can add the yard signs to their website before they leave.

4. Follow Up. People have a lot on their minds and adding a graphic for their church to their website is probably not on the top of the list of priorities.  So, if people haven’t added the virtual yard sign to their website in a couple of weeks, don’t assume they don’t want to do it.  They may just as easily forgotten to do it.  Give a friendly reminder and see if they will do it right when you talk to them so they don’t forget again.

5. Ask local community sites. Asking church members is a good start because your members are invested in the mission of the church, but there are other places where you may be able to add your virtual church yard sign.  Check with the city sites, the chamber of commerce, multi-church organizations, and any sites dedicated to events and organizations in your community.  The more places the better.  Remember, people seeing the signs multiple times in multiple locations increases the chances that they will act.

What tips do you have for getting people to put up virtual yard signs?

Photo by Stephen Mackenzie

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