Church Marketing Online Is Back and New and Improved!

New and ImprovedAfter taking a hiatus for the last couple of years, we’re bringing Church Marketing Online back out of mothballs.  The awareness of the value of church marketing and the number of churches participating in online church marketing has been growing.  With more and more demand for information about online church marketing, we felt that we could offer unique insight into ways churches can develop successful online marketing campaigns, increase their influence in their communities, and reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, what should you expect?
Like before Church Marketing Online will regularly produce original articles about ways your church can market and communicate online.  In addition CMO will be…

  • Sharing links to other articles we find around the web which we think you’ll find interesting or valuable
  • Offering commentary on church marketing resources and articles
  • Reporting news related to church marketing
  • Conducting polls and surveys
  • And posting about anything else you might be interested in

We are excited to be able to rejoin you in the conversation about the church can use the internet to grow the church and share the love of Christ.

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Kurt Steinbrueck

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