5 Reasons Why Church Websites Don’t Attract Visitors

4 Reasons Church Websites Don't Bring TrafficKyle Logue (of KyleLogue.com) wrote a little about some reasons why church websites don’t attract visitors or cause people who do visit the site to return.  He has some good insights that are important to church marketing.  A poor church website will result in poor results for your church marketing efforts.  I encourage you to take a minute to read Kyle’s article, “4 Reasons Why Church Websites Don’t Attract Visitors.”


I would add one more…

5. Old Content
It’s still a huge problem with a lot of church websites I see.  Churches will have announcement information about “upcoming” events which actually happened 6 months ago.  The content has to stay fresh or you won’t even get your own church members returning to the website.

What do you think are the biggest issues for church websites?

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