CMO Update: The 5 Apple Pickers – A Search Marketing Parable

Search Marketing Parable - The Five Apple PickersA gripping story of man versus nature…or was that man vs Google?  It’s a story of hardship and struggle, the journey of five villagers to overcome adversity and reach their true potential.  Along the way they may find love…though, probably not.  It’s a parable after all; so it’s really too short for love, but it’s still a neat story that can help you understand search marketing.

Search Marketing can be a bit confusing and overwhelming at first.  So, it can be helpful to take the concept of what SEO is out of the search marketing world and put it into a context of something more easily understood.  I present to you the search engine marketing parable,

“The 5 Apple Pickers”

(My neighbor gives it five stars!)

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