Poll: What are You Doing To Market Your Church Online For Easter?

What Church Marketing are You Doing for Easter?Easter is just around the corner.  As one of the services non-churchgoers tend to be more apt to attend, many churches are stepping up the marketing to bring in as many people as possible.  The stakes are high as this may be one of the few, if not only, times some of these people may hear the Gospel.

So, what is your church doing to market itself for Easter?  Is your church doing anything online?


Let us know.


What is your church doing to market itself online for Easter? (select all that apply)

Announce through Facebook
(56%, 15 Votes)

Post info on church website
(26%, 7 Votes)

Encouraging members to tell others through social networks
(19%, 5 Votes)

Nothing - We have no online marketing strategy
(19%, 5 Votes)

Create a Facebook Event
(15%, 4 Votes)

Announce through Twitter
(7%, 2 Votes)

Blogging about events
(7%, 2 Votes)

I don't know
(7%, 2 Votes)

(4%, 1 Votes)

Online ads
(4%, 1 Votes)

Host an online event
(4%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 27

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In addition to completing the poll, please take a moment to leave a comment describing what, if anything, you are doing online to promote your Easter services and activities.

Also, what past marketing strategies has your church used that were successful..or not?

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