Final Thoughts on Link Building for Churches

Link Building for ChurchesThe purpose of your church’s website is to have an online presence for your ministry. Link building is a way to increase that online presence, to reach more people, and expand your ministry.  If you aren’t pursuing search engine optimization, including a link building strategy, you are not utilizing your church’s website to it’s fullest.  In fact, you may only be use a fraction of it’s potential.

It’s time to move beyond the idea that a church website is just an online street sign for potential visitors and an online newsletter for church members.  These days church websites can be hubs of activity, ways for people to connect with each other, and ministries that exist solely online.  Your mission field is online and so should the presence of the church.  Link building plays a large role in how big a presence your church will have online.

You don’t have to choose just one strategy. In fact it’s usually best to use several.  You don’t have to be an expert, especially creating great content on your site. And this is not something your pastor has to do.  In fact, he probably shouldn’t be doing it.  If excuses have hindered your church, it’s time to put those excuses aside.  It’s time to start getting links to your site and turn your church’s website into an online juggernaut for Christ.

This post is the final article in the CMO University series on link building.  If you have stumbled upon this post without having seen the previous articles in the series, I encourage you to check out the other articles in the series, starting with “Link Building for Church Marketing.”

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