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online church marketing resources teamChurch Marketing Online is a ministry of OurChurch.Com.  Long considered to be the one-stop shop for Christian on the web, OurChurch.Com has been providing web design, web hosting, and search marketing services to Christian organizations since 1996.  We now serve thousands of member organizations around the world. We, at OurChurch.Com, have always considered the work we do to be a ministry.  We seek to help churches, ministries, Christian schools and Christian businesses utilize online resources to further the Kingdom of God.  Church Marketing Online is a natural extension of that ministry, seeking to engage churches in the conversation of how the church can better connect with people online and use the Internet to grow the church and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Search Engine Marketing and Online Church Marketing Resources:

OurChurch.Com began offering search engine optimization services in 2004 with its Guaranteed Top Search Ranking service.  We are one of the few SEO companies that offers a guarantee with its services.  Since then we’ve also launched our Christian Search Engine Registration serviceSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) Management service, Progressive SEO Management service and several local SEO services.  The first of those local SEO services we launched was the Top Church Search Rankings service which has been bringing new visitors to many churches now for years.  Over the past several years, OurChurch.Com has provided these search marketing services to hundreds of enthusiastic clients, including several churches.

Online Church Marketing Ideas:

But for us it’s not enough to just provide affordable and effective website services.  We also want to help Christians understand why the Internet is important to their ministries and how to use the Internet to fulfill their missions.  That’s why we launched the Christian Web Trends blog in 2006, which has more than 20,000 subscribers.  And that’s why we’ve launched the Church Marketing Online blog.  We want to help churches better promote themselves and their websites by providing online church marketing ideas through artilces in the CMO blog as well as by providing online church marketing resources through the Top Church Search Rankings service.

So, whether we can serve you by optimizing your church website for search engines or by helping you understand how to better use the Internet for church marketing, outreach, and evangelism, either way we’re here to support you and your church.

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