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Assumptions Lead You Down The Wrong Path
Funny Church Video: Real Life Worship Get’s Ready
CMO Update: Performing Keyword Research
Give Your Opinion. Take the Ultimate Church Mobile App Survey!
Church Marketing Online Is Back and New and Improved!
Church Marketing Online Update
Is Your Church Social – Part 28 – Blogs – 12 Ways To Promote Your Church Blog
Is Your Church Putting Money Before God?
5 Ways For Churches To Keep Members And Convert Visitors
Church Marketing Confusion – What Are You Talking About?

Assumptions Lead You Down The Wrong Path

Blind AssumptionsThis weekend I was listening to a book on economics because I’m a complete dork and that type of stuff interests me.  One of the lines that stuck out to me was a truism of statistics that the author quoted, “Correlation does not equal Causality.”  In other words, just because two things seem connected doesn’t mean that one caused the other.  Don’t worry, that’s the last of the economics talk.

Today, I was catching up on some church marketing reading and came across Todd Henry’s article at Church Marketing Sucks, “Eliminating False Assumptions“.  He was writing about the same type of thing.  In his article he writes about how we need to be careful not let assumptions control what we do, but rather examine what is really happening and challenge those assumptions. Read More

Funny Church Video: Real Life Worship Get’s Ready

It’s It’s Friday!  So, let’s have another amusing church video.  Today’s video comes from the Real Life worship team at Lakewood Baptist Church.  Take sneak peak behind the scenes at how their worship team get’s ready for each service.

Check it out:

Do you have a video?  Share it with us below.

Give Your Opinion. Take the Ultimate Church Mobile App Survey!

Church mobile appSmart phones are becoming more the standard than the “cool new tech” and with the proliferation of smart phones, more and more people are using their phones for Internet access.  In fact Cisco said mobile traffic was up 260% last year and is predicting that mobile traffic will increase 26 fold in the next 4 years.  So, how does that effect churches?

You tell us. Read More

Church Marketing Online Is Back and New and Improved!

New and ImprovedAfter taking a hiatus for the last couple of years, we’re bringing Church Marketing Online back out of mothballs.  The awareness of the value of church marketing and the number of churches participating in online church marketing has been growing.  With more and more demand for information about online church marketing, we felt that we could offer unique insight into ways churches can develop successful online marketing campaigns, increase their influence in their communities, and reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, what should you expect?
Like before Church Marketing Online will regularly produce original articles about ways your church can market and communicate online.  In addition CMO will be…

  • Sharing links to other articles we find around the web which we think you’ll find interesting or valuable
  • Offering commentary on church marketing resources and articles
  • Reporting news related to church marketing
  • Conducting polls and surveys
  • And posting about anything else you might be interested in

We are excited to be able to rejoin you in the conversation about the church can use the internet to grow the church and share the love of Christ.

Please join us on Twitter and Facebook and signup for an RSS feed.

Church Marketing Online Update


A change is coming for the CMO
The Church Marketing Online blog is a ministry of OurChurch.Com.  OurChurch.Com is a wonderful place to work for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons, however, is that we do not just think of ourselves as a company, but also a ministry.  This is reflected in our goals, services, and how we do business.

A little over a year ago Paul Steinbrueck (CEO of OurChurch.Com) and I decided to create the Church Marketing Online blog as a free ministry resource.  We wanted to inform churches on ways to market themselves online and equip them with the knowledge to do it.  We’ve covered a lot of topics during our tenure and, hopefully, have made an impact in how people view church marketing and what they are doing to market their church and reach people online for Christ.

In addition to the Church Marketing Online blog, we also developed a church marketing service designed to help churches market themselves online.  We know that you have a lot of other things to do and some of these church marketing strategies can be a bit confusing.  We’d love to help you with your church marketing.  Please visit the Top Church Search Rankings web page and contact us about how we can help you and your church.

OurChurch.Com LogoChurch Marketing Articles Moving:
With the completion of the “Is Your Church Social” article series, we have decided to post future articles related to church marketing to OurChurch.Com’s other blog, “Christian Web Trends”.  I will still be posting articles about church marketing, but we will be consolidating the articles with the other Christian web trend articles.  If you have been receiving the Church Marketing Online RSS feed, I encourage you to sign up for the Christian Web Trends RSS feed.

The Future of CMO:
Church Marketing Online will remain…online, as we believe it can still be a great resource for churches looking for information about church marketing.  However, we will no longer be updating the site with new articles.

Thank you.
I would like to thank all you who have been following the Church Marketing Online blog over the past year and pray that the Lord will bless you in your ministries.

Is Your Church Social – Part 28 – Blogs – 12 Ways To Promote Your Church Blog


Church Blog Distribution

Alright, so you’ve decided that your church should have a blog and you’ve chosen who will manage the blog (or blogs) and what the blog will be about. But your job isn’t over yet. Now you need to get people to read the blog. So, how to do you distribute and promote your blog to make it successful not only within your church, but also as a church marketing tool? Read More

5 Ways For Churches To Keep Members And Convert Visitors

CongregationI was reviewing some old articles and came across a post refering to a Christian Web Trends article that spurred the idea for a follow-up post.  The article is, The Best Target Demographic Ever.  I encourage you to give is a quick read, but here’s a quick two paragraph recap.

Studies have also shown that the average church will loose about 10% of their members each year and will only convert about 15% of visitors to becoming members.  This means that a church has to attract the equivalent of 75% of their church size in new members each year just to maintain their church size.  If you have a church of 200 members, you have to have about 150 visitors each year to keep your church around 200 members.  That’s 150 visitors for no church growth.

The Best Demographic Ever
In the article, “The Best Target Demographic Ever?”, Paul wrote about how a church’s current members and the people who come to visit the church are the best demographic for a church to market to.  Studies have shown that it is much easier to retain members than it is to get new members.  Similarly, it’s much easier to get a visitor to come back than it is to get a new visitor.  So, why not put a little more focus on keeping more members and getting a greater percentage of visitors to become members?

Below are five relatively cheap and easy ways your church can better engage members and visitors to keep more members and get a greater percentage of visitors to become members: Read More

Church Marketing Confusion – What Are You Talking About?



I subscribe to several blogs and newsletters.  So, I frequently receive emails or RSS feeds with articles, information, and announcements.  Yesterday, I got an invitation to download an eBook.  What was the eBook about?  I don’t know…or at least I didn’t know for a while.  Why?

Read More

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