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5 Ways For Churches To Keep Members And Convert Visitors

5 Ways For Churches To Keep Members And Convert Visitors

CongregationI was reviewing some old articles and came across a post refering to a Christian Web Trends article that spurred the idea for a follow-up post.  The article is, The Best Target Demographic Ever.  I encourage you to give is a quick read, but here’s a quick two paragraph recap.

Studies have also shown that the average church will loose about 10% of their members each year and will only convert about 15% of visitors to becoming members.  This means that a church has to attract the equivalent of 75% of their church size in new members each year just to maintain their church size.  If you have a church of 200 members, you have to have about 150 visitors each year to keep your church around 200 members.  That’s 150 visitors for no church growth.

The Best Demographic Ever
In the article, “The Best Target Demographic Ever?”, Paul wrote about how a church’s current members and the people who come to visit the church are the best demographic for a church to market to.  Studies have shown that it is much easier to retain members than it is to get new members.  Similarly, it’s much easier to get a visitor to come back than it is to get a new visitor.  So, why not put a little more focus on keeping more members and getting a greater percentage of visitors to become members?

Below are five relatively cheap and easy ways your church can better engage members and visitors to keep more members and get a greater percentage of visitors to become members: Read More

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