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CMO University Update: SEO Tracking and Reporting
Assumptions Lead You Down The Wrong Path

CMO University Update: SEO Tracking and Reporting

SEO ReportingYou’ve performed keyword research. You optimized your website for the search engines. You have even started a link building campaign to gain untold numbers of relevant, inbound links. So, you’re done right? Wrong. It’s time to see the effects of all this work, re-evaluate the optimization, and plan your next move.

Tracking the progress and effects of the SEO work you are doing is critical to the success of your SEO church marketing.  So, what are the important things you need to be tracking and how do you track them?

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Assumptions Lead You Down The Wrong Path

Blind AssumptionsThis weekend I was listening to a book on economics because I’m a complete dork and that type of stuff interests me.  One of the lines that stuck out to me was a truism of statistics that the author quoted, “Correlation does not equal Causality.”  In other words, just because two things seem connected doesn’t mean that one caused the other.  Don’t worry, that’s the last of the economics talk.

Today, I was catching up on some church marketing reading and came across Todd Henry’s article at Church Marketing Sucks, “Eliminating False Assumptions“.  He was writing about the same type of thing.  In his article he writes about how we need to be careful not let assumptions control what we do, but rather examine what is really happening and challenge those assumptions. Read More

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