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“I Hate Your Church!”
Get New Church Visitors in 15 Minutes Or Less
Why Aren’t You Telling People About Your Church?

“I Hate Your Church!”

Angry Man“These people are a bunch of hypocrites.”

“The people are a bunch of stuck-up snobs.”

When talking about listings and reviews for churches the comment always comes out, “We don’t feel comfortable with just anyone being able to post a review.  They might post something negative.”  The fear is that someone who had a bad experience at the church will post some rant about the church on one of these review sites or perhaps someone who doesn’t have any connection to the church at all, but just doesn’t like Christians will post some false story.  It’s an understandable fear, but I think it’s one that we must get over. Read More

Get New Church Visitors in 15 Minutes Or Less

Man on ComputerIf you could get new people to visit your church with just a few minutes work, would you?  This is the question you can present to your congregation, because each of them can help to bring in new visitors to your church by taking just a few minutes to post a couple positive reviews in your church’s online listings.

Positive online reviews can have a huge impact both on local search rankings and getting people to visit your church.  So, here are…

5 Ways To Get Members To Post Reviews: Read More

Why Aren’t You Telling People About Your Church?

review of church listingAre you loosing visitors before they even walk through the church doors?  Most churches are and here’s why…

One of the most powerful types marketing messages is a recommendation.  We often think of these recommendati0ns as happening in person, but thanks to reviews, they don’t have to be.  These local review sites like City Search and Yelp, as well as the local listings in Google , Yahoo, and Bing, all give people the ability to rate an organization and leave a review.

A good review takes a listing to a whole new level.  Now you are not just letting people know about your church, you are including a recommendation.  This makes people much more likely to decide to visit.  It also can give people a glimpse into the personality of your church as the reviews talk about the different aspects of your church and its ministries and their effects on people’s lives.  It gives your members the opportunity to tell people about your church.  If you do not have positive reviews on your church’s listings (if you even have listings), then you are loosing visitors before they even step into your church. Read More

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