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7 Essential Elements of Search Engine Optimization
CMO University Update: Keyword Research – What You Need To Know
CMO University Update – Keyword Research
CMO Update: The 5 Apple Pickers – A Search Marketing Parable
CMO University Update: How Do Search Engines Work?
CMO University Update: How People Find a New Church
Church Marketing Showdown: PPC vs. SEO
Keyword Research
The 5 Apple Pickers – A Search Engine Marketing Parable
How people find a new church

7 Essential Elements of Search Engine Optimization

7 Essential Elements of Search Engine OptimizationWant to rank well for a certain keyword?  Just tell the search engines what keywords you want to rank well for.  By optimizing certain parts of your web pages, you can greatly effect your church’s website’s search rankings.

As the search engines look at each page of your website, they read the various parts of the page to try to figure out what the page is about and, thus, for what search terms to rank the page.  By using your targeted keywords throughout the various parts of your web pages, you can get the search engines to list your church’s website for specific keywords.  Here are…

7 places on your web pages to use your keywords: Read More

CMO University Update: Keyword Research – What You Need To Know

Keyword Research - What You Need To KnowKeyword research is the foundation of search engine optimization.  Without it you are working in the dark.  But what is keyword research?  Learn about the two key factors you need to know about for keyword research in the CMO University Article: “Keyword Research – What You Need To Know.”


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CMO University Update – Keyword Research

Keyword ResearchKeyword research is the critical foundation for search engine optimization.  Without it you may be spending tons of time, energy and money targeting keywords you can’t currently rank for or keywords for which no one is really searching.

Learn how to set a firm foundation for your search engine optimization efforts and start getting more traffic to your website with good keyword research: Read More

CMO Update: The 5 Apple Pickers – A Search Marketing Parable

Search Marketing Parable - The Five Apple PickersA gripping story of man versus nature…or was that man vs Google?  It’s a story of hardship and struggle, the journey of five villagers to overcome adversity and reach their true potential.  Along the way they may find love…though, probably not.  It’s a parable after all; so it’s really too short for love, but it’s still a neat story that can help you understand search marketing.

Search Marketing can be a bit confusing and overwhelming at first.  So, it can be helpful to take the concept of what SEO is out of the search marketing world and put it into a context of something more easily understood.  I present to you the search engine marketing parable,

“The 5 Apple Pickers”

(My neighbor gives it five stars!)

CMO University Update: How Do Search Engines Work?

Search EnginesWe use them everyday, but do you really understand how a search engine works?

One of the key components to an online church marketing strategy is search engine marketing. The first step to search engine marketing is understanding what a search engine is and how it works.

It’s time to find out “How Do Search Engines Work?


Do you have any questions or comments about how search engines work?

CMO University Update: How People Find a New Church

Searching for a churchWe have updated the CMO University article, “How People Find a New Church“.

Your church probably already has a website.  Are you using the website to bring new visitors to your church?  If you are not being intentional about it, you may be missing out on a lot of visitors.

In this article we look at how local search has replaced many of the old ways people used to look for a new church, like using a phone book.


Are you tracking your church’s search visibility?

How is your church doing in the search engines?

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Church Marketing Showdown: PPC vs. SEO

Church Marketing Showdown - Pay Per Click vs Search Engine OptimizationA week ago I wrote a bit about the value of a pay-per-click (PPC) search marketing campaign as a part of your online church marketing. Almost every time I talk about pay-per-click and search engine optimization, I get the one of two questions, “Which is better?” or “Which should our church do?” Read More

Keyword Research

Keyword Research
(Updated on 3/15/2011)

Like a foundation for a building, there is one aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is more important than any other. Without this foundation, you may be wasting all your time and resources. Proper keyword research should be the basis of your optimization.

Why is Keyword Research Critical? Read More

The 5 Apple Pickers – A Search Engine Marketing Parable

Apple TreeAt a small college a group of incoming freshmen marketing majors gathered for their first class. As the wise, old Professor of Search Engine Marketing made his way to the front of the room, one of the students asked him, “Professor, what is SEO?”

The professor looked over the classroom full of young students and replied, “Let me tell you a story…” Read More

How people find a new church

(Updated on 2/17/2011)

In the past when a family was looking for a church they would talk to their friends or maybe check the yellow pages for churches in their area.  Then they might visit several of those churches until they find one they like.

The Revolution of Local Search:
Google Places

Over the last several years Internet search engines have made tremendous improvements in what is called local search, that is the search for businesses or organizations in a specific geographical area. Now if you search for something and include a city in the search phrase you’re likely to see results that include a map with some virtual push-pins in it. With one click you can get a phone number, driving directions, pictures, and even read reviews of the place of your choice. As a result, people have been ditching their yellow pages in droves and searching online for restaurants, retailers, and even churches.

In fact, way back in 2008, a survey showed that for the first time more people were using search engines (31%) than a physical phone book (30%).  However, the results revealed something bigger.  When all the Internet sources were added up (search engines, local search, local review sites, social media), over 60% of all people started their search for information about a business or organization online.  That was in 2008.  Today a much greater percentage of people go online to find things.

Today someone who is looking for a church – let’s call him Bill – will most likely start his search online.  Bill uses a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, to find the listings of churches close to his home.  He looks at their listings starting with first listing and reads the reviews he finds in the search listing.  Then he visits many of those church’s websites.  Based on what he reads, hears, and watches on those website’s Bill quickly rules out most of the churches without ever stepping foot in them.  Then he picks 2 or 3 that seem to be most like the kind of church he’s looking for.  He attends a Sunday service at those churches.  Hopefully he likes at least one of them and gets involved in that fellowship.

Let’s take a closer look at this process

Read More

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